Originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, and raised in a family where music was always present, Carin grew up listening to various genres such as pop, rock, and, of course, regional Mexican music. This upbringing instilled in him a deep admiration for the diverse rhythms that this blend offered.

Guided by the inspiration of musical greats ranging from José Alfredo Jiménez, Juan Gabriel, Joan Sebastian, to Silvio Rodríguez, Alejandro Sanz, among others, Carin embarked on his musical journey at the age of 15, taking his first steps by learning to play the guitar and developing skills in singing and songwriting. At the age of 16, determined to become a professional musician, he joined the group Los Reales as the lead vocalist, performing at local parties and events, gradually gaining recognition for his immense talent. Later on, he formed the group Arranke with some of his closest friends, serving as the lead vocalist and songwriter for over 4 years. His desire to grow, seek creative freedom, and explore new sounds inspired him to embark on a solo career, making his debut in 2018 with the release of "Desvelada con Banda y Mariachi.”

Carin León has quickly risen to dominate the regional Mexican music scene like no other artist in recent years, elevating and positioning the genre on the global stage in a way that had never been done before, enriching the international perception of Mexican music through the release of hits such as "Me La Aventé" and his rendition of Estefano's award-winning song, “Tú.”

Carin León has become a pioneering and innovative leader through vibrant songs driven by refined melodies and bold lyrics that invite reflection, always seeking an organic blend of the traditional and the contemporary. His songs have accumulated hundreds of millions of streams on various digital platforms, quickly amassing a loyal and devoted audience, leading to widespread recognition as one of the most listened-to artists in the regional Mexican genre worldwide.

Carin León's impressive versatility is evident in his captivating and vibrant voice, showcased through his incredible innate talent for songwriting and his impressive stage presence, allowing him to effortlessly navigate between multiple genres. He has experimented with rhythms ranging from pop, country music, to reggaeton, and his talent has had a historic impact on the music industry and global culture, not only as a performer but also as a songwriter, collaborating with popular internationally renowned artists such as the Spanish rapper C. Tangana in the song "¡CAMBIA!," the Mexican pop group Matisse in "Como Lo Hice Yo," and the Venezuelan pop/reggaeton duo Mau y Ricky in "Llorar y Llorar," just to name a few, as well as writing hits for other regional Mexican stars like Los Plebes del Rancho, El Fantasma, among others.

He has repeatedly demonstrated his extraordinary influence through his participation in a series of important campaigns and projects launched by major streaming platforms. In April 2021, he became the first regional Mexican artist to participate in the Spotify Singles series, and later that year in October, he teamed up with country music star Walker Hayes for a Spanglish version of "Fancy Like (Carin Leon Remix- Amazon Original)" for the "La Cultura That Connects Us" campaign, in which Amazon Music Latin celebrated its first anniversary, as well as the intersection of Mexican patriotic celebrations and the month of country music in the United States. In the same year, he took part in the "Regional No More-Mexican Music Goes Global" panel as part of Billboard Latin Music Week.

In May 2021, his latest studio album, INÉDITO, debuted at the top of the Apple Music charts, reaching #1 on the Mexican Music chart and #3 on the Latin Music chart, while placing six music videos at #1 during the release week. INÉDITO was named one of Billboard's 25 Best Latin Albums of 2021, and with this album, Carin León explored other genres and experimented with new arrangements while maintaining the essence of his distinctive "sierreño" sound. In December of that same year, he released his album Pistimiento Todo El Año, a compilation of live covers and unreleased songs that featured collaborations with some of the most iconic figures in the regional genre, such as Joel Elizalde, Chuy Lizárraga, El Coyote, Jovanny Cadena, and Mario "El Cachorro" Delgado, among others.

Today, Carin León is recognized as a modern icon who has taken on the task of bringing the traditions of regional Mexican music to new generations of listeners across borders. The acclaimed artist has appeared on the covers of major regional music playlists on digital platforms and has shone in some of the world's largest cities with impressive billboards in Times Square in New York City, Los Angeles, and major cities in Mexico, thanks to collaborations with Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and YouTube Music.

He has received countless nominations and multiple awards, including an ASCAP award for the song "Me La Aventé" and a Premio Lo Nuestro award in the category of 'Banda Song of the Year.' Recently, he won his first Latin GRAMMY for 'Best Regional Mexican Song' with "Como Lo Hice," his collaboration with the Mexican pop group Matisse, as well as earning 7 nominations at the Premios de la Radio, winning the 'Best Male Artist' category in 2022, making him the most nominated artist for that event. In 2023, he won the 'Regional Mexican Breakthrough Artist' category at Premio Lo Nuestro.

Currently, Carin León is releasing his album Colmillo de Leche, which consists of 18 songs showcasing his maturity in this musical journey. According to the artist himself, this is his most personal project to date. The album spans various musical genres, once again displaying his great versatility and artistic ability, establishing him as a remarkable performer from start to finish. For this album, Carin León collaborated with internationally renowned artists such as Camilo with "Ni me debes, ni te debo," Pablo Alborán with "De Piedra a Papel," and Angela Aguilar with "Vete Yendo," as well as young promising talents from his hometown of Hermosillo, such as Kakalo in "Mil maneras de morir" and Los Hijos de Frank in the rendition of the classic song "Corazón de oro" by Los Tigres del Norte. Not to mention the talented Sinaloan composer, Luis Mexia, who collaborated on the song "Pedazo de tonto." Colmillo de Leche is now available on all streaming platforms.

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