“Both introspective and observational of the world’s absurdity, May’s songwriting paints a vivid world while letting us into the crevices of his psyche.”—Flood Magazine

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“…dark humor, quirky melodies, and [an] observational style”—Under The Radar

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“With his premier album, One More Taste of the Good Stuff, Hank May offers an open wound, a blunt diary entry, of the transformative world that has colored his work.”—Atwood Magazine

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“May proves himself to be a contender on his debut, bringing to mind visionaries like David Berman and Conor Oberst, in his ability to bring us right into the room where the song is taking place.”—Treble

“Introspective and folksy, rarely simple and always riveting.”—The Aquarian Weekly

One More Taste of the Good Stuff, the debut album from emerging singer, songwriter and producer Hank May, is out today via Dangerbird Records—listen/share HERE. In celebration of the release, May is set to perform tonight at The Goldfish in LA; tickets are free and more details are available HERE.

One More Taste of the Good Stuff is an album I finished recording right as we were going into lockdown in March 2020, and I like to look at it as one of the last straggler albums racing through the slowly closing gates before we are fully immersed in the aftertimes,” says May. “It's a short but sweet, nice but mean, loud-soft-loud indie rock record with a long and meandering lyric sheet. It's meant as a road map out of the darkness. Please enjoy!"

Four singles preceded today’s full release: “Where I’m Calling From,” “Patsy DeKline,” “2019” and lead single “NBC.”

After spending much of his 20s living and playing in New York, May moved home to Los Angeles where he was closer to his family and able to turn the accumulation of notes, phrases and melodies in his head into a record. He wrote much of One More Taste of the Good Stuff in his childhood home, shut away in a sound-proofed practice room adorned with Christmas lights that his father built for him growing up – a room that was demolished soon after he finished recording. The songs that came out of that isolated space possess a similar yearning for human connection, with lyrics that focus on the whimsical minutiae of brief encounters as well as long-standing relationships that ended during this time, such as the passing of Hank’s close friend and biggest supporter.

One More Taste of the Good Stuff features contributions from longtime collaborators and friends including bassist Patrick Taylor, drummer Mark Gardener and keyboardist Max Foreman. Brian Rosemeyer (Cat Power, Kurt Vile) is the record’s mix engineer, and Dave Cooley (Paramore, Tame Impala) hopped on mastering.

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