Acclaimed singer, composer and producer Lydia Ainsworth shares her fourth album Sparkles & Debris today via Zombie Cat Records; listen HERE. The record follows 2019’s Phantom Forest and blends live drums, guitars and bass with Ainsworth’s signature vast electronic landscapes.

“Longing seems to be a major theme running through my songs on this album,” says Ainsworth. “Whether that is longing in love, longing to be free from oppression, or longing for the muse of inspiration to make an appearance. ‘I’ have included some spells and charms in there as well that have proven effective, if any of my listeners want to use them for help with their own desires.”

Praise for Sparkle & Debris:

Sparkles & Debris is a utopia of stunning art-pop soundscapes, from bold energized drums, goosebump-inducing strings, ’80s-vibe synths, and divine, soulful vocals… Ainsworth cradles our heart in a puff of angelic warmth and comfort in her dreamland lyrics and all-encompassing, superlunary tone.”—Flood Magazine

“dreamy” on “Cosmic Dust”—Fader

“Ainsworth’s songs still don’t sound like anything that anyone else would do... ’Cosmic Dust' is a lovely song with a sweeping sigh of a hook.” on “Cosmic Dust”—Stereogum

“She absolutely sings the hell out of it.” on “Cake”—Stereogum

“a blissfully dreamy pop reverie.” on “Parade”—Stereogum

"Musically, 'Cosmic Dust' sees Ainsworth doing what she does best: infusing a pop song structure with futuristic flair, heavenly instrumental flourishes, and skipping from one falsetto to the next with ease. It’s breezy and anthemic, but Ainsworth manages to sneak great, intimate details into the mix despite that, like harp notes and gentle piano notes that descend one after the other." on “Cosmic Dust”—Consequence

“‘Parade’ is a great introduction to what the rest of the record entails. Ainsworth’s fluttering voice sails above the clacking percussion, deep synth pulses, and splashes of twirling guitar licks... Its accompanying video is a simple yet effective concept... it’s a really pretty and mesmerizing visual pairing for this gorgeous song.” on “Parade”—Consequence

"Truly compelling...through the pop movements of 'Cosmic Dust,' Ainsworth provides room for all her questioning and hopes and fears to mingle and coalesce into a welcome emotional release. And she invites us to have a part in its cathartic throes, which, honestly, we need as much as she does." on “Cosmic Dust”—Beats Per Minute

Written in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles over many years, Sparkles & Debris reflects Ainsworth’s usual composer’s mindset and instinct for idiosyncratic melodies and structures. The album also marks a departure from the more solitary creative process that Ainsworth’s previous releases were born from. She recorded all her vocals at her engineer Dajaun Martineau’s studio in Toronto, with Mark Kelso providing live drums and Neil Chapman and John Findlay adding electric guitar and bass in the city’s Desert Fish and Noble St. studios. All live elements were then mixed by Martineau.

Lydia Ainsworth is an internationally acclaimed singer, composer and producer whose 2015 debut album Right from Real was nominated for a Juno Award for best electronic album and shortlisted for the Polaris Prize. In 2017 her second LP, Darling of the Afterglow, brought with it headlining tours of North America, Europe and Japan as well as support tours with Perfume Genius. In 2019 she released Phantom Forest, and that same year, “Earth Song,” her collaboration with Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, appeared in the last episode of Season 3 of Stranger Things. Her original scores for film and commercials have screened at festivals such as Sundance, Cannes and Hot Docs.

For more information, please contact Krista Williams, Colin Lodewick or Carla Sacks 212.741.1000 at Sacks & Co.

Sparkles & Debris Tracklist
1. Parade
2. Forever
3. Cosmic Dust
4. Sparkles & Debris
5. Cake
6. Halo of Fire
7. Good Times
8. Love Charm
9. Amaryllis
10. Queen of Darkness
11. All I Am