Joe Henry’s The Gospel According To Water is out now via earMUSIC and continues to garner critical acclaim.

Recorded over two days in June of 2019, the songs stemmed from Henry’s cancer diagnosis last fall. Henry says, “These recordings are raw and wirey and spare because the songs insisted they be. But I believe them to be as wholly realized––as ‘produced’––as anything I’ve touched, as well as being deeply and fundamentally romantic: in love with life, even when that life founders and threatens to disappear; lustfully aglow, not in spite of the storm but because of one.”

Praise for The Gospel According To Water:

"The new songs invoke time, silence, music, faith, love, death and  remembrance — none of them new topics in Henry’s catalog.” –The New York Times

"The Gospel is a poignant reflection on the sins and shames we ferry toward the grave and the opportunities we have to redeem one another. It is as emotionally nuanced — and, somehow, as sanguine — as anything Henry has ever made." –NPR Music

"Faced with a daunting cancer diagnosis, Joe Henry wrote a whole new hymnal, in the form of a song journal written at 4 a.m., and called it The Gospel According to Water.” –Slate

"Joe Henry is one of our great American Songwriters.” –NPR "All Songs Considered"

“Those who believe in miracles and trust in music’s healing power may consider the outstanding “The Gospel According to Water” as a pilgrimage, but even the skeptics and agnostics will be stirred by the depth and beauty of Joe Henry’s songs.” –Associated Press

“These are simple, wise and sonically gorgeous songs.”—Rosanne Cash

The Gospel According To Water—deep and beautifully moving. A masterful artist, we need Joe Henry’s voice. Listen carefully. Listen closely. There is a spirit here. Let it speak to you.” —Lucinda Williams

“Here is the voice of a friend and brother who had been away too long. There is enough anger, enough misery in the world. Too many tears, fires and trampled flowers, so make room in your life for some beauty like this.” —Elvis Costello

“My good friend Joe Henry is releasing his new album—The Gospel According To Water—on November 15th. I heard him sing his new songs in a set at LA’s Largo a few months ago, and was astounded, moved and inspired by these songs.” —Jackson Browne

“All hail - my friend Joe Henry’s new album, The Gospel According To Water. He’s asked some friends to each debut one song and I’ve chosen: ‘In Time for Tomorrow (Funeral For Sorrow),’ which I truly love. It’s an extraordinary album, with songs in part inspired by his recent serious health crisis. I think you’ll be as moved as I am by the sheer beauty, wisdom and eloquence throughout.” —Bonnie Raitt

“‘The Fact of Love’—here’s a new song from @JoeHenryMusic that I’d like for you to listen to. Beautifully performed and recorded. Really interesting guitar playing and a smart and tender lyric.” —Jason Isbell

“I love Joe Henry. Fi and I have loved hanging with him in Ireland and at our home in the US. This is an important record. Joe is an important writer and producer. ‘Book of Common Prayer’... a beautiful song and a timely song. Congrats on the new album The Gospel According to Water.” —John Prine

“I’m here to speak for the track ‘Bloom’—a perfectly Joe Henry song that at no point contains the word ‘I’. It’s a solitary journey, and others might retreat into themselves in the telling of it, but Joe holds out a hand with ‘we.’ Beautiful.” —Hugh Laurie

“I’m excited to premiere my pal Joe Henry’s song ‘Gates of Prayer Cemetery #2’ from his forthcoming album The Gospel According to Water.” —Ben Harper

“Give a listen to this brilliant track, ‘Salt and Sugar,’ from Joe Henry’s album—The Gospel According To Water (Joe produced my last album). His inimitable style/raw beautiful lyrics make this entire body of music a wonder to behold.” —Joan Baez

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1. Famine Walk
2. The Gospel According To Water
3. Mule
4. Orson Welles
5. Green Of The Afternoon
6. In Time For Tomorrow (Funeral For Sorrow)
7. The Fact of Love
8. Book Of Common Prayer
9. Bloom
10. Gates of Prayer Cemetery #2
11. Salt and Sugar
12. General Tzu Names The Planets For His Children
13. Choir Boy

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