4 New Hit Songs *Remixes, the new EP from New York icon Doss, is out today on LuckyMe/Duet—listen here. The EP features four new, self-produced remixes of the tracks off her much-lauded EP 4 New Hit Songs, including “Look (All Night Mix)” featuring Baltimore legend Rye Rye.

“4 New Hit Songs was written in bedrooms; each song focused on the interior,” says Doss. “After having the opportunity to play these songs in so many different spaces, in different landscapes and environments, I found myself revisiting them, making adjustments here and there, looking towards the exterior.”

“I like to think that all of my songs can evolve and change and adapt. I try to approach writing lyrics and vocals in a way that, to me, feels like sampling. It makes sense to recycle and rework my music and shape it to the spaces in which it’s experienced.”

Produced by Doss with additional production from Hudson Mohawke and Plush (formerly Unicorn Kid), 4 New Hit Songs *Remixes developed from live edits Doss refined while on tour with Yves Tumor, and at sold-out headliners across the country. Ahead of the EP’s release, Doss shared “Puppy (Feel The Beat Mix),” co-produced with Hudson Mohawke, and “Strawberry (Singin’ Club Mix).”

Doss is set to play at New York’s Paragon on October 28 ahead of two very special shows later this year—Los AngelesDon Quixote on December 10 and New York’s Elsewhere Hall on December 16.

Last year’s breakout project, 4 New Hit Songs, was named to Best of 2021 lists from The Guardian, NPR, Pitchfork, The FADER, Dazed, Stereogum, Nylon, Paste, Gorilla vs. Bear and more.

Praise for 4 New Hit Songs

“Let's hear it for the all-killer, no-filler career. In a streaming environment when we can hear almost anything we want at any time, potency is at a premium, and Doss seems to realize that more so than most. She's released just 8 original tracks across two EPs during her seven-year recording career, and each and every one is a bop…”—NPR

“Up-and-coming club producer Doss broke through in a big way this year on the strength of 4 New Hit Songs, a sugary quartet of tracks that impress with their stylistic variety and unified vision…the best part of 4 New Hit Songs is how its clever combinations of familiar sounds feel like uncorking a miniature set of brand-new emotions.”—Pitchfork

“This summer, Doss’s long-awaited reemergence entwined with the unceremonious reawakening of New York nightlife. Each of her 4 New Hit Songs became canonical additions to the queue, soundtracking the expanse everywhere from Ridgewood to Rockaway Beach.”

“Doss was not playing around when she named her EP 4 Hit New Songs. Each track from the cult-favorite DJ’s project is euphoric and expansive, and best experienced at full-volume on a meandering walk for times when you’re not dancing but your heart is at a rave.”—NYLON

“It took Doss seven years to follow up her ahead-of-its-time debut EP, and the producer became something of a cult sensation while away, her songs passed around like a secret between very hip friends. The cheekily-titled 4 New Hit Songs is aptly named: All of these four songs are fucking bangers, and they’re each distinct and massive.”—Stereogum

“Doss’ first solo record in about seven years is dubbed 4 New Hit Songs, and that title is the straight-up truth. The electro-pop producer doesn’t miss for a second on the EP, delivering bubbly banger after banger with her high-pitched vocals and bright dance beats.”—Paste

“For those that know, Doss is pretty much everything.”—PAPER

Raised in Texas and based in New York, Doss first appeared in 2014 on the taste-making label Acephalé with an EP that Pitchfork called “an exploration of the pure joy of sensation.” In the years since she’s made her name as an underground fixture with major supporters in big-name artists. SOPHIE, in particular, was a frequent collaborator: they toured together in 2018 and teamed up for the legendary unreleased track “New York's Burning Down” and a version of “Whole New World” on the OIL OF EVERY PEARL'S UN-INSIDES NON-STOP REMIX ALBUM. Lady Gaga, Grimes, Caroline Polachek, Porter Robinson and a number of others have championed her for years—no surprise for an artist who, across just a few releases, has won so many admirers. Though her personal life has always been a bit of a mystery, Doss’ signature visual identity, like her music, often evokes the playful maximalism of the early 2000s with equal parts sincerity and humor.

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October 28 /// Paragon /// Brooklyn, NY
November 29 /// Refraction Festival /// Miami, FL
December 10 /// Don Quixote /// Los Angeles, CA
December 16 /// Elsewhere Hall /// Brooklyn, NY

1. Puppy (Feel The Beat Mix)
2. Strawberry (Singin’ Club Mix)
3. Look feat. Rye Rye (All Night Mix)
4. On Your Mind (VIP Mix)